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All across the country, Private Health Care Centers, because of convenience, quality of care and affordability, are challenging conventional doctor office practices and overcrowded, costly emergency rooms for non-emergency cases.

Most of the time, individuals and families need medical care for the illnesses and injuries of daily living. Over the years, Insurance Plans have become increasingly more expensive and sometimes, inaccessible.

The combination of Private Health Care Centers and Medical Membership Plans provides affordable and convenient health care for an entire family for less than the cost of one doctor’s visit.

Through Searchlight Healthcare medical clinics, you can get affordable primary and preventive medical care based on a sliding fee scale. Now, you and your family are able to go to a neighborhood medical center for general healthcare needs.

You get treated for most acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. As well as referred to any specialty clinics your treatment plan requires. Searchlight Healthcare can help with medication programs and offer social services referrals as needed.

Reasons why you should consider visiting Searchlight Healthcare Clinic:
•High quality, accessible, affordable 
•Personalized health education
•Family centered healthcare system
•Easy appointment scheduling
•Friendly, courteous, and knowledge-able staff 

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